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5 New Orleans Bars Worth Having a Drink In

Napoleon House

This bar is located in the residence that was offered to Napoleon while in exile as a refuge. Napoleon never made it but it sure is a great bar! There is the traditional wooden bar inside, but if the weather is nice go out to the courtyard in the middle of the buildings, there is a beautiful little patio!

The Carousel Piano Bar and Lounge

This bar has an actual CAROUSEL as a bar. It moves at a very slow speed and the bartenders serve you from the inside. SO COOL! If the carousel is full or if that isn't really your thing, there is a large, very nice lounge area with lots of seats and large windows. You will want to have a drink here just to see drinkers slowly moving on the carousel!

The Rum House

This is a super fun day time spot slightly off the beaten path. It's just off the main strip and worth the walk. This self proclaimed Caribbean Taqueria can satisfy your Caribbean cravings for sweet rum drinks and snacks. It has amazing open windows and a few tables outside. Plus, as you can see below, it's got a sense of humor!

The Sazerac Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel

Talk about swanky! This is the epitome of a mahogany old school twenties bar. Get a drink (if you are only a budget, JUST one drink) and enjoy the murals around the room. They also bring you a small snack arrangement!

Three Muses

This jazzy bar is laid back but nice enough to spend some time in. We saw a jazz show here and tried a few appetizers. If we hadn't already eaten, we would have here, the food looked delicious! Not your typical bar food menu, they have a tofu rice bowl, mac and cheese, and beet salad! It had a very laid back personal vibe and the music was fantastic.

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