Amsterdam is in my top 3 favorite places. The canals, the laid back vibe, the abundance of ultra famous art, the endless supply of cheese! These flights are January through late March and again in late October through December 1st, including the week of Thanksgiving. 

These are for 6, 7, 8, and 9 day trips and are with United so they have all the amenities. Most flight schedules only have one layover that is under 3 h...

Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf are all on sale! Some routes do include the Thanksgiving holiday. Dates are generally November, early December, all of January and February, March, and the first half of April. 

These are great prices and routes from the XNA airport. They are with major airlines like KLM and Delta.





Valentine's Day in Venice anyone? Italy on sale! Dates are displayed on the links below. Rome, Naples, Milan, Venice, and Bologna! Dates are generally late November, early December, late January, February, March, and early April. Low fares on 7, 8, and 9 day vacations. 

These are through major airlines like American, KLM, and Delta so bags and seat fees are little to none, meals and carry-ons included. These are great sche...

Dates below are Sept 30 - Oct 5. Other dates include: Oct 12-17, Oct 19-24, Oct 26-31, Dec 1-6. Several 5 day vacation dates in January for $367. Other dates at $367: April 6-11, April 8-13, April 29-May 4, May 11-16 for $373. These flights are mostly through American Airlines so

extra fees are very few! Checked bags do cost extra. Use the Price Graph feature to see all dates. 

This sale may be over but you c...

Dublin in the spring! It's basically a movie set! Dates at $489 are 7 day trips in November, early December, and February. You can snag a trip over St. Patrick's day (March 17) for $525! You know they do it big in Dublin! These are great flight schedules with the perfect length of layover and are mostly through Delta and KLM so they are full service with low to no baggage fees. Be sure to avoid airport changes and overnight la...

Venice in the spring, can you think of anything more romantic? Dates are spread out through October to April next year and the very beginning of May, then prices go up for the rest of the year. These prices are good for 5, 6, and 7 day trips but there are a few for longer trips. Most holidays are not included in this prices. Look at dates through Google Flights but then book with Momondo. I have sample prices below. Most fligh...

PARIS, need I say more? My FAVORITE CITY ON EARTH?? These are fantastic schedules through major airlines this fall and next spring. See example dates below. Most dates at this price are October through very early May, excluding major holidays, although if you have a break between Christmas and New Years, you can find a good flight deal within this range in the $600s. Find your dates through Google Flights but then book through...

Sale extended to XNA and Little Rock! Spend Oktoberfest in GERMANY! Dates for link are September 19-26 (Oktoberfest is Sept 22-Oct 7). Many other dates are available in October and November and next February, March, and April. Prices are as low as $641. Use the price graph feature to see all that are available. 

Dates all over the calendar! This fall and spring 2019!! Most are 7 day trips but some are 6 or 8, look at Price Graph view to see all available dates and prices. These are excellent flight schedules too! Most are through American Airlines! Dates for link below are Oct 4-11. 

Take your pick of THREE awesome cities this summer!! These flights are with Allegiant air! Destin flight for link below is $64 for August 12-20. Other dates at $76 for dates July 29-Aug 2, July 22-26, August 22-31. 

Dates for $68 Austin flight link below are August 5-12, other dates for slightly more ($75) include August 5-9.

Dates for $66 Orlando flight link below are August 20-27. Other dates at this price are Aug 20-24....

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Memphis to Austin, TX for $91

October 30-Nove 3 through Allegiant Airline! Nonstop flight, only 1.5 hours in air!

Memphis to Austin, TX NOW $62!

May 8-19 through Allegiant Airlines! Roundtrip, nonstop flights

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