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Felecia Hancock


While preparing for trips, I kept looking for a site that was geared toward my needs. I found some wonderful sites that send you flight deals from major airports like New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, and Seattle.

But I live in Little Rock!

NOT a city with a major airport. That's why I started Local Time Time Travel Deals - to share great domestic and international flight deals from smaller southern airports including Little Rock, Memphis, Northwest Arkansas (XNA) and Tulsa.

Most people don't have the time or knowledge to devote to finding a great deal on their dream vacation. It can be confusing and frustrating to navigate all the lingo and search every site to make sure you get the best deal. Instead, you can sign up for my emails to get notifications as soon as I find a deal! 

I grew up in Springdale, Arkansas and currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my husband Chris, and Rothko, the cutest border collie you've ever seen! Sign up for my email list here to get the flight deals first in your inbox. Then head over to my Facebook page and follow me to get Facebook alerts when deals are posted!

I've also written several blog posts about my trips, with tips, tricks, and itinerary help. You can read them here.

Contact Me:

Little Rock, Arkansas 

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