August 14, 2019

If you are like most of America, you get the standard 2 weeks paid vacation a year. If you are lucky or have tenure at a company, you may get three. If you want to go on more than 1 trip abroad a year, this amount of time can seem minuscule. But not to fret! Here are some tips for making those 2-3 weeks really count and how to get the most out of your work-life situation.

Ask your boss for more vacation time

This may seem difficult or obvious, and it’s kind of both. But time is the most free thing a company can give you. Studies show that people get their work done anyway, regardless of if they are sitting at their desk for 3 more days per year or not. Now, don’t tell your employer that of course (that would invite more work, wouldn’t it?) When you have the whole “sorry, budget cuts this yea...

July 24, 2019

Points travel, Award Travel, Reward Travel - these are all euphemisms for the same thing - free flights. Who doesn't want a free flight?! The way people go about getting free flights is sometimes called "travelhacking," which is just a clever name someone came up with for the act of actively pursuing and intentionally earning free flights.

I'll cut to the chase right off the bat here: unless you fly 20+ times a year, you will never earn enough miles for a free flight just from frequent flier miles. The best way to earn free flights is through credit card sign-on bonuses. Most people are scared of credit cards, and for good reason. We have all been told to watch our credit card use. And it's true, if you do not pay off your balance each month or charge more than you can pay off, you can get...

April 6, 2019

Paris is filled with award winning art. So much of it in fact that most people don't know where to begin. Sure, the Louvre is amazing, but if you have limited to in Paris, you may want to sit in cafes and gardens rather than wandering around museums. Below is a summary of the most popular museums as well as days they are closed and days they stay open late - this is important for itinerary planning. If you want to soak up as much sun and outdoor time as you can, you could plan to visit one of these museums on a late night when the crowds are smaller and the sun is down. 

The Louvre: The mother of all museums! This place is hectic, crowded, and humongous. Nevertheless, you can't visit Paris without visiting at least the Mona Lisa. If you have less than 3 days in Paris, I would skip the...

April 6, 2019

Do you see dollar signs when you think of vacation? Yeah, we all do. For most of us, travel isn't free. When someone says their dream vacation is “summering in the South of France” I see that emoji of the stack of bills with wings, flying far, far away from me. If travel is pricey though, why are all these people doing it, like, all the time? How are there people literally living years on vacation? How are your friends taking 2 trips a year abroad? And from Arkansas, no less? I’ve compiled a list of ways to save you money on trips and make travel more affordable. You can make travel as cheap or as expensive as you want. Here’s how to make it cheap:

  1. Save on flights: This one is obvious. Signing up for my cheap flight alerts will go a long in saving you some cash on flights from our airpo...

May 26, 2017

First off, London is not the money sucking city everyone has made it out to be. Sure, nice hotels and private transportation costs are at a premium, but if you are willing to ride the Tube, stay in an Airbnb, and eat some street food, you can experience all you need without lowering your credit score in the process. 

Hop on Hop off Tour Buses

Yes they are cheasy and touristy, but if you spend your first day hopping on and off of one, you can see the majority of sites for the $33 ticket price, all without having to navigate the complicated Tube maps to get around. Pick the main sites track and get off at the sites that are most interesting to you (or all of them if you have time!) then when you are ready to move on, another bus comes within 15 minutes. The ticket also comes with a free river...

April 14, 2017


Going to Europe and want to make a few stops? EasyJet is going to be your best friend. I got a round trip fare from Copenhagen to London for $30 per person! EasyJet is exclusively in Europe with a few routes to Africa and the Middle East. This is a great airline to look into if you are going on a trip to Europe and would like to make a few stops. The connections will be considerably less than if you booked them through an American airline. Keep in mind that there is no drink service on these flights and they do charge for bags. Visit their website to sign up for their newsletter to get notifications on deals.


Famed for their $99 one way tickets from DC to Iceland, Wow Air is an up and coming budget airline. Although Wow Air doesn't fly out of many US cities, you can find some g...

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