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Malmo: The Perfect Day Trip from Copenhagen

Malmo the Perfect Day trip from Copenhagen

Sweden - so dreamy! The windmills, the flowers, what more could you want? With a high speed train ticket, you can get from Copenhagen to Malmo in 30 minutes. You can't get across some towns in a car in that amount of time! Tickets will run you anywhere from 10-50 dollars, depending on how far in advance you purchase them and what time of day you choose. We went cheap (naturally) and got early morning tickets and a 7 pm departure time to return to Copenhagen. There is plenty to see in Malmo, you wont be disappointed! If you wanted to keep traveling, you could spend the night in Malmo and take a 4-5 hour train to Stockholm the next day to see more of Sweden!

9 am: Take the SJ Swedish train

Copenhagen to Malmo fares vary depending on time of year but we got our tickets for about $12!

Swedish Train

10 am: Visit Slottstradgarden and the Windmill

Warning, this may be your favorite spot in all of Malmo! Aside from the iconic windmill, this garden is a large, idealic area with lawns, manicured gardens, and sculptures. Some time and thought have been put into these and we could easily spend all day here! Have lunch at the cafe inside the garden, they have some classic Scandinavian open faced sandwiches and a good selection of local beers.

1 pm: See the Turning Torso

People always suggest this, and while it is a cool architectural sight, don't come to Malmo just for this, because you may be disappointed. There is a lot more to do aside from seeing this sight. But do walk by and see it!

Turning Torso in Malmo Sweden

1:30 pm: Visit the ocean front area near the Turning Torso

This area is gorgeous. Be ready for the clearest, bluest water. There are beautiful, modern buildings and some wonderful outdoor cafes. Have a glass or two and soak up the quiet shore.

Water view of Malmo Sweden

3 pm: Malmo Castle

Scandinavia’s oldest Renaissance castle, now a Malmo museum. The museum features historical exhibits and artifacts from the castles long and tumultuous history as well as a few contemporary exhibits of new art. This museum only costs 40 SEK (about $4.50) and is well worth it.

Malmo Castle in Sweden

5 pm: Visit Stortorget Square

Centered around the statue of king Karl X, this square is full of restaurants and shops. Be sure to check out the historical pharmacy Lejonet. This is also a great place to grab a drink or early dinner, there are several restaurants around this area and on side streets. If the weather is nice, get a patio seat!

7:30 pm: Head back to Copenhagen on the train

You will arrive by 8 pm with plenty of time to have a drink or even dinner in town!

*Tip: Because Malmo is in Sweden, have your passports ready on the train going both ways. Someone will come around and check them during your trip or at the train station as you get off.

Other Activities: Visit St. Peters Church

This 14th century Gothic church is quite beautiful and underrated.

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