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5 Places to Eat and Drink in Nashville

5. Get a pony and a shot at Dino's

What is a pony you ask? It's the perfect amount of beer! Seven ounces is just what you need after a shot of whiskey. Dino's special, the "pony and a shot" deal, is only $4! Not to mention the super cool dive bar atmosphere. Look at their website for all the info. Cool fact, it's one of Nashville's oldest dive bars!

4. Brunch at Marche Artisan Foods

Marche is another super hip, but down to earth eaterie that has amazing reviews in Nashville. We brunched there on a Saturday and the place was packed! It did not disappoint. With a menu stocked with homemade quiches, organic greens, and all the traditional Southern breakfast foods, who couldn't love it?

My quiche at Marche

3. Get a Drink at Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey is a laid back coffee house turned bar at night. They’ve got some very unique food options, like the roasted beets appetizer, and traditional dishes like crab cakes and paninis. The downtown space as got a modern industrial feel with plenty of space to find your own private corner. Check out the wine and cocktail list on their website. If you are in Nashville on a week day, don’t miss their 2 for 1 happy hour from 4-6 pm! If you are seeing a show at the Polk Theater like we were, this joint is just behind it, perfect for a pre-show drink.

Interior of Frothy Monkey coffee shop

2. Get a super hip breakfast (or just coffee) at The Barista Parlor

In the mood for the most hip place you've ever seen? The Barista Parlor is IT. If the weather is nice, they open their warehouse rolling doors and let in the fresh air. We got breakfast bacon and egg biscuits and of course, coffee. This place has really thought through the details. From their maritime themed logo to the coffee carafes, this shop is truly artisan. You will even find coffee tasting notes on the menu. Find out more on their website

Breakfast of biscuit sandwiches and coffee at the Barista Parlor in Nashville, TN

1. Two words: Hot. Chicken.

There are a lot of competing voices regarding hot chicken in Nashville, and I am no expert. There are a few different spots that everyone recommends and they are probably really good. We happened to go to Pepperfire Hot Chicken and loved it. The staff was super friendly and helped us decide what level of pain we really wanted. The family style seating is nice and the restaurant is simple. Order and pay at the front, sit down, they bring your order to you. I got a tenders dinner in Medium spice with fried okra and a draft beer to cut the heat!

Interior of Pepperfire Hot Chicken in Nashville TN

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