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Puerto Rico: For Lovers! My Top 5 Reasons to Visit

Just outside the Fort in San Juan Puerto Rico

For our honeymoon in October 2013, we picked Puerto Rico at random. By random I mean, we had no real connection to it, accept that we had spent a few days in the city while waiting to board a cruise the year before. We knew we needed to go back and really spend some time there but didn't know much about it besides a hunch. Quite a risk for a honeymoon trip! But we fell in love. It is one of those destinations that will remain on our "to revisit" list forever. Here are my top 5 reasons you should visit Puerto Rico:


No Passport, No Problem!

That's right, a US citizen just needs a drivers license or other government issued i.d. to visit. Because of the relationship between the US and Puerto Rico, the island is extremely welcoming to US citizens. They also use US dollars, no currency conversion! You can use your cell phone network! Crazy right? Most major cell phone carriers include Puerto Rico in there standard grid. You may have to pay an extra fee while over there, so check with your service provider first, but the fees sure beat buying an international plan!


The beaches...need I say more?

The entire perimeter of the island is a beach! You can find anything from low-budget, public beaches to resort style private beaches (which still aren't that expensive, I'm always surprised when I look!).

Beach view in San Juan Puerto Rico


Very affordable Caribbean island

Ever dream of a Caribbean vacation but choke at the price tag? Puerto Rico is all the Caribbean you will need but flights are incredibly low from many major US cities and the expenses while vacationing are lower than average.


The Bioluminescent Bay - I can't praise this experience enough

This.Is.Worth.Every.Penny. I had read about this excursion before we left but honestly there isn't a video or description that will capture it. It basically feels like you are dancing on the waters in Fern Gulley. Tiny plankton light up when anything moves through the water. We took a guided kayak ride through the mangroves with a group of other travelers one night. Read the details of the tour and the tour company here.


The walkability and effortless fun

Because so many Puerto Ricans speak English and because of the tourist industry, many signs in the major cities like San Juan are translated into English, making it stress free for travelers that have never left the country, or don't know a lick of Spanish. Of course, you should brush up on some basic phrases, read my post about that here.

San Juan is also extremely walkable. It's a small historic town, you won't get lost, and can walk down almost every street in one day. That means more time to eat at those cute restaurants you heard about, and more time to take an excursion or short trip to different beaches and areas. I even know a couple who rented a car on the island! They were fluent in Spanish however, I wouldn't recommend that unless you are comfortable with the language. Most street and wayfaring signs outside San Juan are not translated.

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